An all-encompassing telecom data
model with built-in analytics
which REALLY fits your needs.

What is ITDM ?

ITDM is an industry specific data model for telecommunications service providers worldwide. It provides a structured, comprehensive, extensive, easy to use and extensible set of data elements that serve the needs of business users.

Continuously Updated
Covers All Areas of Telecommunications
SID Compliance
Supports Advanced Analytics

Our Core Features


Based on TMForum SID Framework


Reduces cost of integration


Supports changing business requirements


Easily extensible and customizable


Can integrate with any telecom application


Structured data model in terms of Foundation Area and Analysis Areas

Analysis Areas

  • Account Payment & Adjustment

  • Agreement

  • Billing & Invoice

  • B-Party

  • Campaign History

  • Clickstream

  • Commission

  • Commitment

  • Contact Center

  • Cost Center

  • Customer Network Experience

  • Customer Order

  • Customer Churn

  • Data Usage & DPI

  • Debt & Collection

  • Dunning

  • Interconnect

  • Inventory

  • Market Share

  • MNP

  • Operator Settlement

  • Prepaid Recharge

  • Revenue

  • Roaming

  • Sales

  • Social Network

  • Subscription

  • Subscription Base Summary

  • Traffic

  • VAS

What is ITDM for?

  • Stores data at lowest level of granularity; detailed record of each transaction

  • Eliminates data redundancy through normalization

  • Stores data in business neutral model; eliminates need for data restructuring as the business evolves

  • Critical for advanced analytics or to find causal relationships and patterns in the data

ITDM = Solution